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Why You Should Buy Solar Water Heater | Adisun Solar India Pvt Ltd

What is a solar water heater?

Solar water heaters are also known as solar residential hot water systems. It is warming water by sunlight and transforms sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. A sun-facing receiver heats a moving fluid that moves into a storage system for later use. Solar Water Heaters are actively pumped and passive convection-driven. Installing a solar water heater is one traditional method for homeowners to decrease their electric bills. These systems use renewable energy to decrease the requirement for grid power while delivering high volumes of hot water. In this blog, we’ll Why You Should Buy Solar Water Heater from Adisun Solar India So stay connected with us.

Types of Solar Water Heater

Active systems:

Active systems have two forms. Direct circulation systems pump household water through collectors, which is then given where required in the house. They have automatic controllers that sense when sunlight is feasible. However, the systems are weak in temperatures below freezing. Indirect circulation systems heat water by pumping it within a heat-transfer fluid that doesn’t freeze. It’s then sent by collectors and a heat exchanger. Operational in cooling temperature and in multiple heating purposes, they are often more costly than direct circulation systems.

Passive systems:

Passive systems have also two types. An indispensable collector storage passive system consists of a storage tank, solar collection system. Moreover, it consists of pipes that pump cold water into the collector. It suits a home that requires hot water in the day and night. But also doesn’t work as well in cold outside temperatures. A thermosyphon system works on the source of warm water rising and cold water sinking. Hot water in the collector extends into the storage tank, which is a stable configuration. A downside is the weight of the storage tank, which can be a provocation for contractors working on the roof.

Why You Should Buy Solar Water Heater:

Low maintenance:

Solar water heaters do not need high maintenance. It only requires simple purification. As it does not contain any shifting parts. And there will be no tear and break which would need regular repairing consideration. We Adisun Solar India guarantee that it will work for more than 10 years but tend to work longer.

Save Your Electricity:

Even in warm climates, a domestic solar water heater can serve 80 percent of your hot water requirements. This helps in major savings of the monopoly bills every month. If used accurately. This can save a lot of electricity and savings as well.

Protecting water quality:

Carbon and particulates are not the only byproducts of roasting fossil fuel. The Natural Resources Defense Council has identified power plants as the primary source of mercury. And other poisonous heavy metals being discharged into the environment each year. These materials are a major threat to the well-being of our rivers, streams, and lakes and to human health as well. Solar water heating is one effective step we can catch to put a stop to mercury pollution of our watersheds.

Easy to replace at the end:

Solar water heater with ETC Tubes, the devices which are effective for absorbing the heat energy from the sun. It also has long lives, much higher than the solar water heating tanks. ETC tubes have significantly longer lives because of the vacuum created within two concentric tubes which allow radiation from the sun and restricts heat loss due to convection. This is the reason why ETC systems are highly efficient even after more than 10 years of use. As a result, replacement costs at the end of the life of a solar water heating system frequently consist only of the tank. The ETC tubes, in the development of a breakage, are also very cheap to renew costing only about Rs.800-1000 per tube to replace. 

Environmentally friendly heating option:

You can enjoy your baths, complete the washing, and other household activities, knowing you are doing your bit to decrease greenhouse radiations. By using a renewable origin to heat your water, you are also benefiting the atmosphere.

Any time you use fossil fuels like natural gas to warm up your water, greenhouse gases get delivered into the environment. Even technologies powered by electricity cause pollution. if you’re powering your home’s hot water system with electricity from the grid, that electricity is likely produced from fossil fuels. With a solar hot water system, you can be 100% sure you’re using a zero-emissions renewable resource for your water heating requirements.

Increases your property value:

A solar water heater can be an asset for your home. A home that does solar power automatically becomes more valuable. It saves energy price, decreases the carbon footprint. And it requires low preservation, and gives efficient heating even on cloudy days, and advances to more customers. You might have seen how government organizations are encouraging solar projects all over India, due to which properties that use solar energy are more winning to the buyers. So if you use a solar water heater for your residence, expect a higher market rate for your house.


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